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Why Fitness Solutions Europe services?

In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, everyone has learned the value of maintaining the health of their mind and body. Fitness centers and health programs have emerged in all corners of the world to take advantage of this fast-growing trend. Infact, fitness has become a major global business as people seek to improve their physical health not only at home but as they travel. However, experienced health enthusiasts can tell you that not all fitness centers are created equal – it takes a deep understanding of the many aspects involved to create a comprehensive and high-quality experience that not only generates profits, but also loyal customers.

Fitness Solutions Europe is a specialist consultancy focusing on the fitness industry created specifically to take advantage of the booming fitness trend. Our goal is to helpour customers capitalize on this enormous potential to generate significant new sources of revenue and profit.

Fitness Solutions Europe is owned and managed by former fitness club owners,managers and operators with over 35 years of industry experience. No one betterunderstands what it takes to create a healthy and profitable fitness business. The Fitness Solutions Europe team is highly-skilled in three primary areas;

1. Education and Business Consultancy

It takes knowledge, experience and skill to create an innovative and profitable fitness business.

The experts on the Fitness Solutions Europe team are able to provide You, asour customers with in-depth expertise in the following specialities:

Knowledge of the latest trends and developments in the fitness industry

Concept, design and layout for a new or existing fitness center

Assistance with selection of a suitable location along with expert support with contractual and legal negotiations

Specification of most modern and suitable equipment

Development of programs and services corresponding to the selected equipment, local market requirements and expected clients

General staff training

Specialized “How to sell memberships” training for sales staff

Management training

Courses for personal trainers

Seminars for groups

Marketing and PR consultancy and trainings for personal trainers

2. Equipment Expertise

Fitness Solutions Europe is the exclusive distributor for several world-wide knownbrands and will provide you with state-of-the-art equipment and preferable pricing. We listen carefully to your needs and recommend the right type of equipment for your fitness club and the customers that you will have as target group.

We will offer you several alternatives and go through the advantages or disadvantages of each offer, so you can see the best return on investment based on the services and programs that you will implement and the space or budget available. We deliver, install and make all services of the equipment you are purchasing from us and all warranties are accordingly provided from each supplier.

We want to exceed your members and customers expectations while using the fitness club, we want to provide a fitness concept in your facility, where all your members and customers can come to get the energy, motivation and power they need for every days performance at work and in private life.

3. After Sales Support

The benefits of working with Fitness Solutions Europe don’t simply stop once the doors to your new club open. Although getting off to a good start is always half of success,operation and maintenance of a fitness center are key to its long-term profitability. In order to ensure the highest chance for an effective business for our customers, we offer a complete after-sales package including:

Complete product warranties, with generous terms and conditions

24-7 quick response maintenance and business support services

Provision of spare parts on-hand to avoid shipping and delivery delays and potential revenue losses

Customized service and maintenance contracts after warranty expiration

Custom management support packages upon request

How to set up a gym in your facility?

Fitness Solutions Europe are specialized in turning your idea for a fitness center into the reality of a fully equipped and functioning fitness center. We have over 35 years of experience from fitness club operation and we are using our knowledge in all aspects to create the best and most effective fitness area within your facility.

We will help you to tailor-made the space you have available according to your ideas and wishes. We will work and assist your team and contractors – just to secure that allis done correct the first time.

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you to provide health and fitness within your company.

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