Financing of fitness equipment

Fitness Solutions Europe is helping fitness clubs, hotel and corporate fitness, sports clubs and private persons, to finance their fitness equipment. We want to help our customers to grow by finding the right finance alternative, all to secure a successful future. We have several customers which has been starting their dream with one fitness club and today they are proud owners of a great network of many fitness clubs – all due to the fact that we been finding the right financing and been investing in their dreams from start. Fitness Solutions Europe have a long experience from the fitness industry, we understand club operations and we want to help our clients to avoid common and costly mistakes.

If you want to have more information around our financing and leasing – please contact any of your local sales account manager or our office today – 774 522 622. 

The financing of equipment

We decided from start to offer our customers all kinds of variables that banks normally don’t work with, and it works thanks to our long experience and knowledge from the fitness industry. We want to expand the fitness industry and make it even better, but we will only succeed with these high goals – if you also succeed.

We have the experience you are looking for. Together, we have over 60 years ofexperience in financing of fitness equipment ... As individuals, we have grown up in the industry…As a group, we have been helping to shape it.

Options for leasing and financing

Your success is important for us, this is why we in Fitness Solutions Europe try to find and offer you attractive financing at reasonable costs. We are working with Grenke leasing which helps and allows us to find the best solution for you and your investment.

Our partners has detailed knowledge of the industry and can offer a good financing option and our flexibility allows us to offer solutions from 1year to 6 years, with or without an initial higher fee, and best of all, a good market interest rates. We want to expand the fitness /training industry and make it even better but we will only succeed with these high goals– if you also succeed.

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